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This is VmBm! A Bam Margera/Ville Valo community! Thanks for dropping by! Please read the rules.
If you agree to the rules below, please click the "join this community" link above.

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If you having problems with any of the other members, please IM/contact the mods. We don't have time to read all
the posts in here, so if there are any fights, we won't know unless you inform us. Thanks!

VmBm is run by: kyoudai_koibito, 0okie, and accentsarehot.

#1.) This is a community for fanfiction, and we are yaoi/slash/shounen-ai/gay friendly. If you don't like that sort of thing, please leave now.

#2.) There is no Ville/Bam bashing! Ever! Do not start drama with the other members, please. Constructive critism is accepted for reviews on fanfictions. But that is all.

#3.) Cursing is allowed, but no excessive amounts of it. Racism is not allowed at all. Offensive posts will be deleted.

#4.) DISCLAIMER: All of the comments made here may not reflect the views of the webmistresses or of all the members of the community. All of the fanfictions are fiction, and only fiction.

#5.) Please use LJ cuts for long posts or to cut off pictures. Even icons count as pictures. Put them behind a cut, PLEASE. This is mainly so you don't flood the comm, and people's friends pages.

#6.) Please keep all posts Ville/Bam/HIM related in some way.

#7.) DO NOT cause trouble. Listen to the mods. Do not bother them in the comm OR in their personal LiveJournals. We do not support harassment. We do support self defense. If you do cause problems anywhere, you WILL be banned.

#8.) IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING NC-17 FANFICTION: In accordance with LiveJournal's ToS, please mark all NC-17 fanfiction or images as so, and friends lock it. Thank you.

#9.) If you're writing a chaptered fic, it would be lovely if you included links to the other chapters with it. If it's a one-shot, state that.

#10.) Please do not join if you are immature. We do include things in this comm that are not for children. Enter at your own risk.
Please insert a similar note to this before your fanfiction for all of our sakes.

Warnings: (if needed)
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