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19 August 2010 @ 07:40 pm
P.S I'll always love you  
Title: P.S I'll always love you
Author: draugurkeeper
Pairing: Vam
Rating: G
Summary: "Even after I'm long gone I'll always tell you how much I love you."
Disclaimer: Own nothing
Warnings: Language

Hi, my name is Beck, you may know me from other Vam communities. I'm new to this site.

Chapter One:The Beginning
“Why do we have so many pillows on the damn bed if we threw over half of them off?” Ville snapped throwing pillows all over the floor.

“For the look.” Bam mumbled around his toothbrush.

Ville threw a pillow at Bam’s head.

“For the look! No one comes in here but us and the maid that comes on Tuesdays.” Ville yelled.

Bam shrugged and went back into the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth. Coming back into the bedroom he saw Ville sprawled out on the bed already sound asleep. A smile pressed against his lips at the sight of his lover, but the smile soon faded into sadness as the realization of his situation came back to him. He quietly made his way out of the room and down to his office.

Slipping into his computer chair, he picked up a vanilla envelope that he had gotten in the mail earlier that day and pulled out the papers inside.

He read the papers over and over again. Tears dripped onto the pages as he flipped through them.

Reaching the last page and at the bottom in big bold letters was, ‘inoperable lung cancer’.

Bam laid his head on his desk and broke down in shaking sobs throwing the papers behind him.
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