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03 August 2008 @ 03:43 pm
Ancient Wounds pt 33  
This installment is dedicated to the lovely and vam-tastic gonewiththecin for her great support of my archaic flights into fantasy :p so big love!

Author: yours truly, ExMaverick aka Jess

Title: Ancient Wounds

Rating: PG-13
Summary: Prequel to my vampire fic Deepest Shadow. Ville recounts the events of his mortal life growing up in the poverty of 20th century Finland, wrought with grief, sex, romance, passion and abuse leading into his birth to darkness.
His lengthy tales are imparted to the sleepy mind of his young lover, but only in the seclusion of his own darkest thoughts does he begin to relive the greatest obsessions and deepest hurts rooted in his bygone and decadent time.
Warnings: Violencia
Pairing: Vam,Ville/Jonne, Ville/OC (in parts)

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We danced that night. I cannot remember the last time I danced, not like that; it seems so long ago. Then again, when your whole world becomes driven by feeding and hunting I suppose it isn’t much of a surprise life’s little joys get overlooked. They’ve always been warrior pursuits-and I am of course, first and foremost, a poet. I also can’t scarcely remember when I’ve laughed that much.

It was summer in our city, we were in the streets before sunrise and had been overcome with that most beautiful sense of contentment that for those few hours we were as human as the jeering applauding clubbers spilling into the roads at closing time. The air was hot and humid, the sweet breeze carrying the sugary scent of the blossoming plants beyond. With my hand in yours and another upon your waist we danced to the lulling beat of the bars uptown, smirking and falling into each other with the cat-calls and drunken whispers of ‘young love’ from the passers by. The fading lamplight was on you like a halo.

“People are staring,” you laughed kissing my collar affectionately.
“I should hope so” I whispered teasingly in your ear “I want to stay out with you as long as we can”

Blushing I lead you down the vast sleepy streets, happy just to be near you. It was times like this, when I felt the monsters were furthest away from our thoughts, that I loved the most. The time when the streets were ours and that world which we had so coldly been divorced from was given back to us in all its newborn splendour, the buzzing of the neon lights and the sweet reek of flesh swimming through my head with only your reassuring palm pressed into mine to anchor me to this world.

Your blue eyes were full of mischief and glamour, I adored it. I saw that seventeen year old boy full of hope and promise staring back at me once again, tripping over himself with a sharp tongue and parted lips that begged to be made love to with one infatuated kiss. I thought of your carnal embrace but knew my true desires were to just be with you, and let not the needs of this old flesh tarnish the tenderness of this moment, as we walked hand in hand like any other lovers lost in the crowd down main street.


When the carriage finally arrived what a sight it was to behold. A train of four muscular black stallions stood to attention like soldiers on inspection as cases of belongings were loaded onto the rosewood holsters upon the roof, and gingerly I watched as Jesse lifted Suvi into the carriage by her dainty waist. A testament to Jesse’s wealth, the interior was richly inlaid with expensive hardwoods and aromatic red leather seats in the same hue as the velvet curtains that hung loosely from their bronzed cord.
Suvi, my petite beauty wore her green dress which fell about her shapely ankles in dusty ragged pleats. Barley more than five feet in height she carried herself like a queen, dark curls spilling down her back and obscuring carelessly one of her grey eyes. She had thrown her arms around my neck and kissed my cheeks so fervently when I told her that she was to come with me to the big city, if it of course was her wish, to live as my ward under my care. The girlish giggles and tears of joy passed, she sat composed now at my side one more a dignified young lady.
Jesse had fallen in love with her instantly, as I knew he would. There was something about her, her feminine grace and childish eyes that one could not help but to warm to.

“Ville tells me that you are to be head of a great business, are you not?” she grinned, again smoothing the fabric of her skirts. I made a mental note the moment we arrived in Helsinki (which if the horses were driven hard would be in a mere eight hours, giving at least a further 3 hours of assured night) I was to order her an entirely new wardrobe and have her current garments disposed of as memoirs of her past.

“Indeed I am, it is in fact a largely successful publishing firm in the city central” answered Jesse, smiling in a kind and cheeked pride “what of yourself Suvi, do you enjoy reading?”

She nodded swiftly “Very much, sir. Circumstances being what they were I hadn’t the time. But I trust that is very much about to change” she grinned “my mother, Lord rest her soul, loved to even more than I did. But being a cook, and little short of a slave, it didn’t do her any favours”

Over our journey we recounted our lives to one another, sharing all memories, pains, joys and small triumphs with greater understanding and acceptance than before such time. We had all laughed at the tales of my brother and mine’s youth, the troubles we had found ourselves in and the sheer daftness of our fumbling boyhood. But through the cool night and the beating of the horse’s hooves across the expanses of country it was Suvi’s words that bound us, her stories of the youth still upon her; born the undesired child of a dark-skinned servant woman ravished one cruel night by the brutish son of a Lord against her will. The recount of her fleeing to a brothel one eve at the age of fifteen and forced into work not far from that of her poor foreign ancestors was enough to cause both men to weep.
But we were quick to assure her of her freedom, and she remained ever the thankful image of thoughtful and strengthened grace. We had surmised that on arrival we were to lodge in one of the many guess rooms of Jesse’s terrace home, until such time that a separate living space be rented for Suvi and myself within close proximity. While this instilled a sense of quiet panic within me with regards to my ‘sleeping arrangements’ during the sunlit hours, I had enough new faith in myself that somewhere could and would be found on arrival-thus calming my nerves ever so slightly on the matter. As for Suvi, she would to all intents and purposes become my ward, her education and wellbeing fully entrusted to myself as (with the correct formalities undertaken) legal guardian.

All excited whispers and conversation exhausted, it was around that quiet fifth hour of travel that my brother found sleep and my small duchess of a companion found my shoulder. Predictably, with nocturnal rest a fleeting memory of the past I allowed myself to be hypnotised by the repetition of the horse’s stride and patterns in the stars beyond. The night was quiet, warm and I was very much glad for it.